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We are your sisters, daughters,
mothers and girlfriends. We are you.
We are empowered and enlightened
women, who know that
hormones matter.
We are Lucine.

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Lucine: Dedicated to Women's Health

Women's health matters. For too long, women’s hormone health concerns have been ignored. Not anymore. Lucine is a women’s health research and diagnostics company committed to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel diagnostics for women’s hormone health.

Our data will improve the lives of women who suffer from hormone conditions and reduce the diagnostic and disease management burden on the physicians who treat them.

Real Women. Real Data.

Hormone research matters. Women know hormones matter. Physicians know hormones matter. Lucine knows hormones matter. Unfortunately, there is critical lack of data in women’s hormone health. We are here to change that.

Lucine is a women's health research company like no other. We are harnessing the power, influence and knowledge of millions of women, with real hormone health concerns, to develop actionable health informatics for women, physicians and the healthcare industry.

Join us as we bring women's hormone health into the 21st century.

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