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Does anyone come through womanhood unscathed?

August 30, 2011

Over the weekend, as my colleagues and I were putting this issue together, we began talking about the hormone stories that were crossing our desks. More often than not, the women submitting these stories describe years of pain, suffering and uncertainty. In some cases, lab tests were done, in others they were not or not until years later. Inevitably, each woman was placed on oral contraceptives, sometimes for markedly different symptoms, and sent home, repeatedly. For most, oral contraceptives were not effective and in some cases, significantly exacerbated the conditions for which they were prescribed. Gradually, each of us began to share our own health stories and those of our

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Perspective is Everything

August 23, 2011

As the economy and political situation continue to spiral with the frenetic, manic-depressive, mood swings of a toddler in the cereal aisle, the rest of us are left wondering what the… Don’t they get it? Don’t they see what we see? Maybe not. With $174,000-$223,000 annual salaries and guaranteed health insurance (http://usgovinfo.about.com/od/uscongress/a/congresspay.htm) that includes private personal physicians who provide routine medical care at no, or minimal charge, it is difficult if not impossible for Congress to feel the pain and uncertainty that the $38,000 per year teacher feels or that the unemployed construction worker must feel. It’s a matter of perspective and perception, neither of which seem focused on what

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Of Stocks and Hormones: Why Your Ovaries Are Like the Dow

August 9, 2011

Starting a company is always difficult; starting one during the great recession is just mad. And then to launch the website and blog days following one of the largest stock market downturns in history…well that’s just damned unfortunate. Or is it? Maybe there is no better time to build something than when everything else is failing. Why talk about the market as an introduction to a website about women’s hormones? In some strange way there are similarities. A negative earnings report from one company or civil unrest halfway around the world can send the entire U.S. market into chaos for reasons that even renowned economists can’t completely explain. Hormones have

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