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Lucine CEO Honored by Athena International for Business Leadership

December 15, 2011

Dr. Marrs, CEO of Lucine Biotechnology, Inc.,  was honored by Athena International, the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada and the National Association of Women Business Owners for her leadership in women’s health and in building the Southern Nevada Biotechnology and Technology communities. Athena International was founded in 1982 by Martha Mayhood Mertz to support, develop, and honor women leaders and to inspire women to achieve their full potential by creating balance in leadership worldwide.  Athena provides programs to communities worldwide that are focused on developing strong successful women leaders. Dr. Marrs was the recipient of the prestigious Young Professional Leadership Award which recognizes women who give back to their

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Why You Should Not Stop Taking Your Vitamins

December 6, 2011

Do vitamins kill people? How many people have died from taking vitamins? Should you stop your vitamins? It depends. To be exact, it depends on the quality of the science, and the very nature of scientific research.  It is very hard to know things exactly through science. The waste bin of science is full of fallen heroes like Premarin, Vioxx and Avandia (which alone was responsible for 47,000 excess cardiac deaths since it was introduced in 1999). That brings us to the latest apparent casualty, vitamins.  The recent media hype around vitamins is a classic case of drawing the wrong conclusions from good science.  Remember how doctors thought that hormone

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Is it weird to have a favorite hormone?

Or favorite neurotransmitters for that matter? Probably, but I like odd things. A blog post by a colleague reminded me of my favorite hormones – dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and its sulfated counterpart dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS). Actually, I’m more partial to DHEAS than DHEA. DHEA is cool, but DHEAS has an element of practicality to it that I find appealing. DHEAS is the fixer, the mom of the hormone chain; hanging out in the background until needed and then stepping in to clean things up when the teenagers below overdo themselves. A little background; DHEA and DHEAS are adrenal androgens. They are produced in a region of the adrenal glands called the

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HRT, Breast Cancer, and Me

December 5, 2011

Long ago, at becoming peri-menopausal, I asked my then gynecologist to start me on HRT. He agreed, and I began what was then standard dosage. I never experienced menopause, and had no idea what any of the symptoms were like, as I experienced none. I also had no idea of hormone balance. Actually, no one ever mentioned it. I continued along year after year with few problems. I was/am clear of mind, and free of pain except for the first joint of some of my fingers which become knobby. There is a name for this Heberdens Nodes. I choose to not take any form of pain killer, OTC or prescribed,

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