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Being a Woman and a Marine

April 30, 2012

When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Someone recently asked me, “If you could go back and do it all over, would you still join the Marines?” Wow. Do I answer that candidly, sarcastically, politically correct? Even though I had just recently met the man asking, I felt safe around former co-workers who were mostly former military. “I don’t know.” I answered bluntly, taking everyone off guard. Those that I worked with know me as a proud, yet humble, Marine officer. It’s

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Women Pay More for Health Insurance Than Men

In March, 2012, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) reported that women pay more for health insurance than men – about $1 billion more each year. Health-Insurance.org states that, on average, women pay 35% more than men for health insurance. When insurance companies base their premiums on one’s gender, it is referred to as “gender rating.” The NWLC found that 92% of health companies base their insurance premiums on gender (except in states where such gender rating is considered illegal), and only 3% of those companies include maternity coverage. In fact, in many states female non-smokers pay more for health insurance than male smokers, implying that being a woman is

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Women Are Less Satisfied with Health Care Than Men – Why?

The New York Times recently reported that women are less satisfied with their health care than men, citing a study from Health Services Research. Researchers could see an overall difference between men’s and women’s views, but these differences were even more prominent for particular questions. One question asked patients if they felt they received sufficient information for the medications they were prescribed, and the other question asked whether patients were satisfied with the cleanliness of the hospital. In both cases, women are less satisfied with health care than men – significantly so. Now the question is, Why?

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Empower Your Health with Vitamin D3

April 29, 2012

Sharing an interest in vitamins and hormones, a friend asked me, “If you only could take one daily vitamin supplement, which one would you take?” I replied, “Vitamin D3.” Somewhat astonished, she clarified, “Vitamin D3, not just vitamin D?” I responded, “Not vitamin D or D2, but vitamin D3.  Studies have indicated how beneficial vitamin D3 is to our cellular and bone health, and the prevention of some cancers and many other diseases including multiple sclerosis.  Here we are living in sunny Las Vegas yet many of us are deficient in vitamin D3.” Believe it or not, my initial vitamin D3 blood test level was shockingly low. Since that time,

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Progesterone and Traumatic Brain Injury: A New Frontier in Hormone Research

When most people read about women’s health and hormones, they assume it will be a piece about birth control pills or a study on menopausal hormone therapies.  Many fail to realize that hormones have physiological effects far beyond the reproductive, with impacts on every major body system of females and males. A disruption or dysfunction in one hormone system can trickle down into other hormone systems and other body systems.  Basic and clinical research are recognizing and factoring in these system-wide impacts in novel ways, including new research that has the potential to improve the health of our military service members and veterans. Perhaps some of the most exciting research

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Citizen Activists in the Internet Age and the War on Women

April 25, 2012

I have not written a blog in many weeks, being knee deep in software development, pitching and just business in general, I just have not had the time. Gratefully, we now have a fantastic team of writers and editors who can manage without me. With all of the negativity and the downright stupidity of the American political scene, I thought some positive trends deserved attention, and hence this post. There is a resurgence of citizen activism that is successfully and positively changing the legislative process. This inspired me. I hope it inspires you.

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Know Thy Quantified Self

If you haven’t heard about the Quantified Self movement, you will soon. More and more, everyday folks like you and I are taking advantage of advancements in information and biotechnology to track and take control of our own health. We’ve all monitored some aspect of our health at one point or another. I remember my husband charting the duration and intervals between contractions during my labor with our first child. And who hasn’t kept track of progress toward a weight loss (or gain) goal? What’s new these days is that information technology, such as web-based software and apps for your smart phone, can help aggregate and make sense of large

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If Called by a Panther, Don’t Anther.

Editor’s note: April is National Poetry Month. In its continuing series on poetry, Hormones Matter pays homage to FAB (For/About/By) Women with this humorous take by Lauren Dillon.  Ogden Nash and Poetry Recitation as Entertainment In my early childhood, I had the joyful education of observing a less acerbic version of Dorothy Parker and her Vicious Circle, the self-described “Jolly Girls,” my grandmother, her best friend Hunna, and a rotation of various elderly women more often than not named Helen. These ladies were, on average, born between 1900 and 1910; and, thus, were raised without the idiot box of shallow entertainment. All had been widowed early and never remarried, all had kept their

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Early Onset of Puberty

April 18, 2012

A colleague recently informed me that her niece, Kayla, just got her first training bra – but Kayla is only six years old. A photograph of Kayla captured the smile of a chubby, young girl that towered over her peers. Though Kayla is at the same psychological level as her classmates, her body is maturing at a faster rate as she deals with the early onset of puberty. Kayla is certainly not alone. More and more girls are beginning to show signs of puberty earlier than previously recorded. In 1997, Herman-Giddens performed a study that confirmed breast development began younger than what had been considered the norm. She found that

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Milk it does a Body Good?

April 16, 2012

Recently, I bought a lunch-box sized container of Horizon organic milk. I don’t use milk regularly, but do use other dairy products like cheese, sour cream, and butter often. I was a bit disturbed when I noticed something on the label that I had not seen on other dairy products: “Our farms produced this milk without the use of antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides or cloning.” I’d heard of the dangers of growth hormones in milk, but decided to do some research into what’s really in our milk, if they use cloned cows or if that’s just another advertising scam and if current regulations really protect the consumer.

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