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Akin Offends with Legitimate Rape Claim

August 20, 2012  |  Elena Perez

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Todd Akin, who is running for the Senate in Missouri, recently stated, “If it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.” The comment suggests that women who are raped and impregnated were not traumatized, and therefore, not truly raped. Really Todd Akin?


I for one feel incredibly fortunate that those running for the senate are well-informed and highly educated on matters they strongly speak out about. Oh, wait. Akin earned a degree in management engineering and a masters in Divinity. Perhaps he needs to discuss such matters with individuals who are better versed in the subject matter, like doctors.

Akin immediately attempted to rectify his error and claimed he misspoke, but the damage was done. His comment was met with opposition from a number of Republican leaders, including the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Seems these republicans recognize that women account for half the voters.

Though Akin’s view of rape is unclear and not substantiated by legitimate medical research, the President made his opinion clear: Rape is rape. President Obama also stated the obvious – or perhaps the not-so-obvious: That Mr. Akin’s comment emphasizes “why we shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making health care decisions on behalf of women.”