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Movement: It Does a Body Good

May 9, 2012  |  Amy Sandberg


If like me you sit at your computer for long stretches during the day, you may want to consider the advice offered by New York Times columnist Gretchen Reynolds in her new book, The First 20 Minutes

“Sitting for long periods of time — when you don’t stand up, don’t move at all — tends to cause changes physiologically within your muscles,” Reynolds told Fresh Air’s host Terry Gross. “You stop breaking up fat in your bloodstream, you start getting accumulations of fat … in your liver, your heart and your brain. You get sleepy. You gain weight. You basically are much less healthy than if you’re moving.” Reynolds said.

Reynolds added, “If you can stand up every 20 minutes — even if you do nothing else — you change how your body responds physiologically.”

She continued, “If you can also walk around your office, you get even more benefits. You will lose weight, you lessen your chance of heart disease, and you will improve your brain. But if you can do nothing else, stand up!”

So ladies, stand up for your health!!