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Thankful for a BPA-Free Holiday?

November 23, 2011  |  Stacey Aragon


With my family’s history of cancer, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism, dietary choices are a very important health measure for all of us, especially when planning large group meals throughout the busy holiday season.  So, a few years ago, we found ourselves particularly dismayed to learn that our time-saving kitchen shortcut of mixing in organic canned vegetables and soups could actually be increasing our risk of illness by exposing us to the potential hazards of Bisphenol A (BPA).  The seemingly non-suspect cans apparently used epoxy liners which contained BPA, an endocrine-disrupting chemical that has been linked to hormonal dysfunction, infertility, neurological disorders, and different types of cancer.  Needless to say, we’ve since switched to a predominantly fresh food diet.

As Turkey Day rapidly approaches, however, a recent study conducted by the Breast Cancer Fund reports that dangerous levels of BPA can still be found in a number of name-brand canned goods commonly used in making Thanksgiving dinner today.  (*To read more about their findings please visit: BPA in Thanksgiving Canned Food ).  But, how can we continue to allow something like this, which could have such a negative evolutionary impact on human health, to be regularly put into our food supply system–especially when safer alternatives are otherwise readily available?  It’s something that I just can’t quite understand, myself…