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A 10 Year Battle with Hormones

November 14, 2011  |  Hormone Stories


As I look back I think I have always had hormone problems even as a teenager. But I would like to begin my story after my hysterectomy 10 years ago.

I certainly didn’t understand or know what I know now or I would have probably never agreed to surgery so quickly. My initial consult for a hysterectomy was due to lower back pain and PMS symptoms. I was told I “probably” had endometriosis and agreed to surgery. It is odd to me now, at 46 years old and ten years after a partial hysterectomy, that I NEVER heard the potential downside of early menopause or perimenopause with or without ovaries.

For about 2 years I felt pretty good after surgery…probably because I was so happy to NOT have periods anymore. My first symptoms were moodiness, brain fog, and restless sleep. I remember that I would wake up at 1am not able to go back to sleep and clean the house!

My second set of symptoms (in addition to the first set) and within the next 3 years were more frequent sleepless nights, weight gain, fatigue, and constant sinus infections with puffy eyes. I saw my gynecologist in that time frame and was told I was not in menopause (huh? I didn’t have ANY sort of test???).

Over the last 4 years I have felt so fatigued, brain fog was TERRIBLE. This was very difficult to deal with in my line of work as a sales consultant, marketing and PR person. The weight gain was ridiculous–about 22 pounds since my hysterectomy. The weight kept coming in spite of strength training, cardio, eating healthy (PALEO diet basically) and was taking one or more of each supplement two times a day (multi-vitamin, fish oil, D3, zinc, magnesium, probiotic, iodine, B12, L glutamine, vitamin c, and a natural hormone replacement supplement, Estrovite .

It was a very expensive option and after a year and a half with no improvement in symptoms. I also saw a homeopathic doctor for stomach issues and sinus issues. I was given antibiotics and the sinus infection went away temporarily. I was also told to try a candida free diet.

Still suffering this last year I had a doctor tell me that I should test my temperature for low thyroid and it was low so he suggested I take a small dose of Armour. I started the medicine the end of December and the beginning of February I had a thyroid storm. I woke up in the middle of the night with a racing heart and it hurt through my back. In the morning when I got up, I found I had lost the hair on the outer part of my eyebrow and the hair around my forehead and temple. The doctor told me that my dose was PROBABLY too high and to cut back! Really? He thinks my dose was too high? What gave it away? So I stopped the medicine that I never should have taken.
I was certain I had an autoimmune disease and it hadn’t been found. I could have never imagined that hormones COULD have been the problem.

Three months ago, 10 years after my partial hysterectomy, I started working independently for a company that specializes in BHRT. I sat in on a 7 hour seminar and for the first time understood the NEED for our hormones to be balanced and working. I was tested for testosterone, estradiol, FSH,TSH, progesterone and B12 and found I had low levels of testosterone, progesterone and B12 and my thyroid was at a normal level. I had pellets (estradiol and testosterone) inserted the very next day and started sublingual progesterone and within 2 weeks I started feeling better.

I went back for my 3 week blood work and my levels had improved significantly! Fatigue and exercise tolerance were amazing and I could focus, think of things I NEEDED to remember.. and my sleep greatly improved! I am due for new hormone inserts and can certainly tell! My energy has started to decline and my stomach issues (bloating NO MATTER what or how much I eat!), restless sleep, moodiness, decrease of exercise tolerance, and basically my overall thinking and brain fog has returned! So many symptoms and one treatment has helped me feel and be much better.

I sit with many women who say that they want to consult with their doctor before considering BHRT and their list of medications are long with ADDITIONAL symptoms to add to the menopause. My suggestion to women is to request a hormone test and to find a qualified hormone specialist and consult with them or talk with your primary care physician about this option. I feel many doctors consider NORMAL lab values by age and disease and many symptoms are being treated when the underlying cause COULD be hormones.

Thank you, Dr. Chandler Marrs for your passion and allowing so many to share testimonies and be a part of your organization!

Janet Stoff

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