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January 6, 2012  |  Hormone Stories

Amy Medling Headshot

My name is Amy Medling. I am a health coach, a wife, and a mother of 3 children. I was not always a PCOS “Diva”. When I was diagnosed with PCOS ten years ago, I was a tired, bagel eating, diet soda drinking, frumpy, moody mess. When the doctor handed me the prescriptions for the birth control pill and Metformin I thought I found the cure. But after a month on both, I felt worse than ever. Hating that my body couldn’t tolerate Metformin and the hormones from the pill, I felt pretty hopeless – very unDivaish! I spent lots of energy asking “Why me?” and feeling angry and sorry for myself.

Then one day I woke up and realized that PCOS isn’t the end of the world – it is a chance for a new beginning. This is when my real journey began.When I started taking care of myself, loving myself and making me a priority (in spite of my PCOS) I became a new woman. My husband started calling me a Diva. What a compliment!

I was able to get my body, mind and soul to a place where after two pregnancies conceived with the help of Clomid, at age 37, I had the biggest surprise of my life! I was pregnant. Now I am the blessed mother of two boys ages 11 and 7 and a 2 year old daughter!

The experience of healing myself and regaining my fertility, femininity, health and happiness and having a healthy little girl, truly launched PCOS Diva. My daughter may inherit my PCOS genes and if she does, I want her to know that having PCOS is not the negative thing I once thought it was. It is an opportunity to live life as a “Diva”. There is no better nourishing experience than being able to inspire other people to take care of their life and their health. Holistic nutrition and lifestyle has been the cornerstone of my PCOS treatment. I want to share my experience and knowledge to help other women with PCOS, so I went back to school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and became a health coach. My goal is to help women with PCOS reclaim their femininity, fertility, happiness and health. For more info visit www.pcosdiva.com