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Help us become the voice in women’s health

March 22, 2012  |  Chandler Marrs, PhD

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Women’s health matters. Hormones matter. These are the principles that drive Lucine. We believe that women have the right to understand and manage their own health and healthcare choices.  We’re building a company based upon those core principles. Yes, we are a corporation, a tax designation necessitated by regulation, and yes, based upon Citizen’s United I suppose Lucine could be considered a person (or by Roman mythology- Lucina -the goddess of pregnancy and light). But really, we are so much more.

Lucine is about empowering women with information. It is our goal to give women (and their physicians) the tools and data they need, we all need, to live healthier lives. As many of you know, we began this journey in the worst recession since the great depression.  We’re not funded yet (any investors out there looking to invest in something more than just an App of the day, contact us) and we can barely cover the cost of managing the minimum viable product- this blog.

Despite all of these obstacles, however, we’ve been able to build a vibrant community of supporters and an incredibly talented, passionate, and committed group of developers and more recently, a fabulous Hormones Matter team. We are all working toward one goal, improving women’s health.  We’re building the community and the company we want for ourselves and for all of the women in our lives.

We believe that doing good in the world, creating products that people actually need and being profitable are not mutually exclusive (though we’re certainly slanted more toward the former at the moment).  Maybe a little sappy, but isn’t that what we all want, to build something meaningful?

If anything, the nastiness of the current political campaign and the increasingly antediluvian, mean spirited and just downright dumb legislation against women has highlighted the need for a different type of company, with a voice in women’s health.  Help Lucine be that voice; be your voice. Become a Lucine Woman.  Tell your story, share your concerns about women’s health or join our team.