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Hot Flash & Heartburn: the Musical

March 19, 2012  |  Hormone Stories

menopause word in letterpress type

3:30a.m. BP 130/78. It’s every 3 hours.
Hot flash followed by a bathroom break and a craving for a PB & J sandwich.

I am a Type A personality.
A High C or so I’ve been told.
Control is my thing.
As a Virgo, my ability to balance work, family and fun is an exercise in plate spinning, and that is also the sum total of my gym routine.
My approach to life is head-on, take charge, let’s go.
Take no prisoner’s and beg for forgiveness.
Add a dose of the serenity prayer for good measure and CYA.

“You’ll know when IT happens,” my girlfriends chant.
IT, is men-o-pause, about as exciting as a colonoscopy.
Dreading both, I run smack into one while avoiding the other.

“Stress seems to aggrevate IT,” my friendly neighborhood compounding pharmacist explains, as he hands me a book by Dr. Lee and some Au Natural-over the counter cream.
“Stress,” I repeat, “like a wedding going off in two weeks?”
“That would do it for me,” he chuckles. “Start with this much, once a day, and call if you need anything,” he offers.
I feel like he’s sending me on a trip, to a foreign land… little do I know.

Life today is balancing ITs plan, while I’m planning mine… or so it seems. Add another plate.
Funny thing about IT, cruel joke, my life.

My future, soon-to-be son-in-law and only son… in two weeks, once toured with the national show; “MENOPAUSE…the musical.(c)” It, currently plays here in Vegas.
I haven”t seen it.
Never thought the subject was funny, still don’t, but maybe I will soon., find IT funny.
When I can sleep through the night again.

In the meantime, I get up and make myself productive.

Cause, you know…
what happens in Vegas…
at 4;29 a.m., another hot flash. No PB & J.


SLM 3/9/12