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October 4, 2011  |  Hormone Stories


Life had been pretty uneventful except for one ectopic pregnancy that could have cost me my life and a car accident in which seven cars were involved and I was the only person with a vehicle that did not sustain a single scratch or dent. I remember people getting out of their cars, scratching their heads and asking me how I managed to avoid being hit. To this day I don’t have an answer except one that is open to philosophical debate…..Having said that one can imagine my surprise as I was about to experience another one of life’s many surprises……

I was in my second year of my Master’s degree program when I noticed a lump in my right breast. I thought:”Oh crap. Now what? I don’t have time for this.” I remember thinking it can wait and see what happens. A couple of weeks passed and my boyfriend and I were playing around one evening. He ended up touching me there and felt the lump. I did not think it would be that noticeable – he literally froze in place. He said: “What the hell is that?” I felt so busted. I said I know – I will take care of it. He said: “Tomorrow.” So, I made an appointment with my OBGYN who assured me that the lump needed to be checked. I was referred to an imaging center, where a biopsy was performed. I was sent to a specialist to get the results. At the specialist’s office I was told that I had an aggressive type of tumor that would need to come out. This is when things changed. The specialist made an unprofessional comment to me and I decided at that point to not ever come back to him. I thought if it grows, I will just have everything taken out and implants put in. I was that upset. This occurred in 2003. I never went back to the office, focused on my Master’s degree and guess what? The tumor disappeared, vanished, evaporated.

To this day my biggest concern is that my results and that of another patient had been switched. I believe in my heart that I received her results and she received mine. I feel terrible because there is no way that I could have backtracked to find out who this woman was because of (understandably so) privacy issues. All I wanted to do was tell her that our biopsies had been switched – she had a problem. I am sure she was told that everything is fine, it was nothing more than perhaps a calcification and I was told this is really bad –but because I never went back I do not know what surgery and/or treatment I would have been subjected for no reason in my instance. The summary of my experience is that if I truly did have that type of cancer I would not be here almost ten years later enjoying reasonably good health. Cancer does not allow one to live for ten years going on infinity without any type of treatment. There is not a month that does not go by when thoughts about this woman don’t come to my mind. She was never told what her diagnosis really was. I can only hope that someone took note as her cancer progressed and it was caught at a time when she still had a chance of survival.