As a company focused on bringing women’s hormone health into the 21st century, Lucine is taking diagnostics development to new levels. Not only are we developing novel platform technologies that will ultimately lead to predictive and preventative diagnostics, we are beginning the campaign to prove hormones matter in women’s health. If you believe that hormones ought to be measured regularly and that measurement would offer clues to an entire spectrum of health conditions, work with us, partner with us, invest in us. Join the campaign to prove hormones matter.


Lucine is building a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team that will push the envelope in women’s health, hormones and diagnostics development. We are looking for creative, intense, talented and driven individuals to move this company from start-up to development phase.

If you thrive on challenge, are driven to perform, excited at the prospect of creating something new and meaningful and can name at least three great authors and two amino acids while marveling at the stubborn complexity of women’s hormones, Lucine may be for you. For more information, contact us at: info@lucinebiotech.com

Current oppurtunities at Lucine :

Blog Editor and Writer

Social Media Interns


Partner or Collaborate

Lucine is dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel diagnostics for women’s hormone health. The goal of the company is to provide new clinical practice tools that will help women and their physicians predict, diagnose, monitor and treat hormone-related health conditions more effectively.

We realize that our efforts will be enhanced by joining with strategic partners who have shared interests in the women’s hormone-health arena. Lucine seeks partnerships with companies and organizations committed to women’s hormone-health.

Lucine is building a robust clinical research program. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with medical and academic researchers, women’s health groups and other interested parties.

To partner or collaborate please contact us at info@lucinebiotech.com.

Become a Lucine community advisor

If you are actively involved in the women’s hormone health community as an educator, speaker, blogger, researcher, physician, or support/discussion group leader, Lucine needs your help. We are looking for community advisors who are leaders in the women’s health arena to publish/blog, promote and otherwise assist us in bringing hormone health information to public.

To become a community advisor  email us at: info@lucinebiotech.com.