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Picky, Burned Out and Clammy…

November 14, 2011  |  Hormone Stories


Mamma Mia, what’s going on?
Why am I so picky? There must be a reason.
so exhausted? It must be some work.
and feeling so clammy? I’m not on a beach in the sun.
Then again what about panic attack, low self-esteem, unsecured feeling, weight gain, boob changes…..
Well I am 49 and all of this is happening to me. After some research and ladies’ talk I found out that I might be going through the pre-menopause.

Went to the Doctor, got a blood test and BINGO I’m in the pre-menopause. But as far as the treatment is concerned, I’m not feeling better. My Gyneco prescribed another contraceptive pill which should calm my anxiety, help me to loose weight and diminish the sweating. Total, today 2 months later, nothing has changed. Nada, Niente, Niets… Back to square one.

I’m sure a lot of you will recognize herself in this description.

Since early age, I have been confronted with drastic body changes. Until today I received absolutely no medical support for the side-effects of the all the hormonal modifications my body was undergoing.
And I feel frustrated about this situation, such a heavy heritage.

We, women, are not helped.

Carine, Belgium