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Precocious Puberty

February 7, 2012  |  Hormone Stories

Precocious puberty

The fact that I attained menarche at the young age of 9 years was such a distant memory but when my daughter got hers at 10 years, I was sent into a frenzy. Precocious puberty is what they call it. I was told that girls normally grow for a year and a half after attaining menarche. Based on her current height and situation it seems like I’ll have a daughter who will be a little shy of 5 feet tall. Not being tall myself, I always wished there were options available to me some 30 years ago. Would I have enjoyed being a couple of inches taller? I think my height has always been a sensitive issue for me. The options currently available for my daughter are: daily shots, monthly shots, nasal spray to surgical implants (estrogen manipulation) to impede the progression of puberty. So as a mother I researched these options and all of the options have side effects. The side effects range from minor headaches, nausea, weight gain, to more severe that include cardiac arrest. So in the grand scheme, I am left to decide between vanity and safety for my child.

There is a family history of early menarche. Other than my height of 5 feet, I am fairly content with my body image. But I also have many limitations because of my height. Simple tasks like reaching up to cabinets, reaching to put and remove things from the overhead cabin have been more than an inconvenience. As I grow older, my girth has increased with my height being unchanged. My personal body image has taken a toll. Again, what are the chances that I’d have gone thru the medical treatments of daily shots, or a monthly shot and all the other treatments with no other side effects?

So, for those mothers who have already gone thru this obstacle for their daughter I ask you to give me an opinion. If you chose some sort of treatment for your daughter, which kind of treatment did you opt for and why did you decide that route. If you decided to go against any available treatment, how did you make that decision?