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The Nightmares of Pre-menopause

September 21, 2011  |  Hormone Stories


For the past two years I have been suffering from the pre-menopause syndrome. For me it has been hot flushes, especially at night, flooding and awful menstrual cramps. I sometimes feel like screaming out loud because of the pain. The hot flushes I can live with, but the flooding and the pain are just too much. I’ve had to take iron supplements because of the amount of blood I lose. Tests for fibroids and cervical cancer came negative and I am just wondering how long this will take before it is over! I started reading more on the subject on Internet and I learnt that evening primrose helps in alleviating flooding, so I went to the pharmacy to buy the capsules. I have been taking them now for over a year and the flooding has become better but still the flow is very heavy and of course the pain is still there. Traveling during this time is a nightmare. So whenever I have to travel I take the pill to “postpone” my period! If there is someone out there who can help me and other women like me that have this problem I would be more than grateful.
Yes I believe that more support for research should be directed to this subject!