Who we are

Our name. Lucine means ‘bringing to light’. We will bring women’s hormone health to light.

Our mission. Lucine’s mission is to be the world’s trusted source for women’s hormone health.

Our values. Lucine was founded on the belief that women’s health and hormones matter. Call us idealistic, but we believe that women should have options to manage their hormones. We believe lab tests should predict clinical symptoms. We believe that hormone testing should be a routine part of women’s health care. And we believe in the power, knowledge and influence of women to bring these changes to bear.

We view ourselves as a double-bottom line company, creating platforms and systems that will build the hormone-health knowledgebase while bringing much-needed products and services to market.

Our Team. Lucine’s team is comprised of health and biotechnology experts, scientists, research analysts, physicians, policy leaders, engineers and other professionals united by a common goal; to improve women’s health research and diagnostics. Our cross-disciplinary approach positions Lucine to lead the industry in the discovery of novel diagnostics.

Our status. Lucine is pursuing investors actively, applying for research grants, and developing partnerships/collaborations. To learn more, contact us at: info@lucinebiotech.com.

Team Advisors