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What & Who Determines Normal Hormones Levels

September 21, 2011  |  Hormone Stories


When I was barely 38 years old I started having issues with my menstruation cycles, having hot flashes, trouble sleeping and mood swings. Doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me so I let it go. It was not a constant issue so I couldn’t pin point a specific cause or time line. When I turned 40, it started getting worse and my cycle stopped all together. I went to the doctor again; they ran blood tests and urine tests and told me that my HORMONES were normal and that I was experiencing depression. At this they put me on two types of antidepressants, Paxil and Buspar. They helped somewhat and I really was not in a position to argue with the doctors. After about 3 years of being on these drugs and having tests done twice a year they finally told me that yes I was premenopausal and that I should stay on the drugs. Wrong, I went home, flushed them down the drain and started to take some natural remedies for menopause which included cat’s claw, black cohosh and extra calcium among others.

When I moved from California to Nevada, I went to another doctor and was told that I was in full menopause and should go on the HRT that most all doctors prescribe, I don’t remember the name but I call it Horse Piss, (hope this doesn’t offend anyone but let’s face it that is what it is made from or at least it was 20 years ago). After suffering on my own for about 2 years I found a doctor who prescribed me a natural soy based HRT that works great no side effects. If I run out I really feel the difference. It is called Trieste and is a compound formula that is not very expensive.

On the subject of hormones, I really get upset discussing this issue. Who and how was it determined what the normal level of hormone should be for either women or men? When I reached puberty and my HORMONES started changing, I had all kinds of issues. Besides migraines, I started growing hair on my face and neck and no matter what type of doctor I went to no one could give me an answer as to what was causing it. All tests showed my hormone levels were NORMAL!! Well obviously they weren’t since for a female to grow enough hair on her face to have a beard, (seriously) is not normal and hormones definitely have an effect on that happening.

It has been proven, finally, that hormone imbalance causes migraines and other health issues but again, how do they know what is normal and why can’t they come up with a simpler way to find the problem. I am now 60 years old and I still have hormone imbalance since I still have to shave every day to keep the hair off of my face and neck. Electrolysis is not an option due to both the expense and the possibility of causing scaring or it not working.
When it comes to equal rights there is no such thing for women. John Lennon and Yoko Ono said it right “women are the N****** of the world” and we always will be.

I hope my words do not offend anyone as they are meant to be an expression of my frustration and experiences through my life with medical issues and the medical associations.

Darlene Blair